The Relief Efforts

In less than two days, more than $1300 has been received and pledged to the relief effort! With the help of Paypal, this fundraising platform, Western Union and our Nepali friends on the ground, $1000 has already been sent and used to buy supplies in India. Bibek and his team have also raised $1000 in India, where they are students.

He and his fellow volunteers have been busy shopping for supplies, and arranging for transportation, but he took a moment to send over his supply list and some pictures of the supplies that have already been sent ahead to the Nepal border.


Just to give you an idea, I calculated the exchange rate for the list:

150 tents at $8 each
1500 boxes of electrolyte powder at 26 cents each
1000 pairs of gloves for $80
2000 masks for $16
1000 water purifiers for $241

They also have first aid and medical supplies, toiletries and sanitary pads, and will be buying food once they reach the Nepal border.

Some pictures of the supplies that have already been shipped:


I admire the work they have been doing to organize everything on such short notice and make the arrangements to get it all to the affected region. 

They expect to be out of touch for the next few days as they travel to the Nepal border and arrange to transport the supplies to the Gorkha district, but we will provide any updates as they come in.

The next money transfer will be sent once they arrive in Nepal, so please continue to donate, and share this with friends who would like to help the recovery effort. All amounts are welcome!

Thank you again for the support! Together we can make things happen.

In gratitude,

Natasha, Bibek and team