The Mission is Shifting

News from the ground in Lamjung.

After making the trip from India to Lamjung, Bibek and team met with the team at Sarvodaya Sewashram to reach the village of Purankot, which had received no delivery of supplies. They were also able to distribute tarps, tents and food to people that were left homeless by the quake in other villages in the area.

With scattered thunderstorms and downpours as the monsoon approaches, these improvised shelters are very necessary for the these families to stay healthy. 

Based on the prior experience volunteer experience that Bibek has in these villages, (and the funds that I am raising here), the district administrator has asked him to create a proposal for creating permanent new homes for the people who lost everything in the quick.

With larger organizations reaching more and more people with basic survival gear, it is time for the local organizations to begin long term preparations for earthquake recovery.

We are very excited about the proposal, which will include the use of local materials, such as bamboo, and rammed earth. With the help of architects and structural engineers to create the initial plan, the local villagers and volunteers will create homes that are comfortable, earthquake-resistant, and relatively low-cost, and also appropriate to the culture and environment.

I am very happy to be supporting this Nepali-led effort, which is really indicative of the wave of energy and creativity that has been rising in the country after the earthquake, with young Nepalis leading the way.

By next week, we hope to have the final proposals and budgets for the houses ready, and work will begin.

Now that we have moved into the next stage, all further funds will be directed to reconstruction.

We are so grateful to have the support for the recovery of Nepal. This started with $300 and a few boxes of medicine, but it has the potential to grow into something much, much larger.

With immense gratitude,
Natasha, Bibek and team.