The Village of Rainaskot

Up on a mountain ridge, at an elevation of 5000 feet, is the village of Rainaskot. By assessing the needs in Lamjung and by invitation of a local official, we are rebuilding 20 homes that have been rendered unihabitable.

Before the earthquake, the village had a small program offering homestays, and some micro-agriculture projects. Both of these projects are being incorporated into the rebuilding plan, so that as we build, we also add in sources of income for the residents.

The residents of Rainaskot are of the Gurung ethnicity and this village is a repository of Gurung culture, as it dates back to the 16th century. 

The homes are being designed to preserve, to the fullest extent, the traditional appearance of the homes in this region, while the inner structure is made seismically sound. Three houses will have the traditional stone roofs, as examples an old style of building.

Right now, the residents are sheltering in structures made of scavenged materials and tarps, waiting out the rains, eager for the construction to start. In the meantime, they have begun clearing the damaged houses to make way for the rebuilding.

About 100 people in Rainaskot, including 18 children will have their lives improved with the project, as we bring their homes and village to a state that was even better than it was before the earthquake struck.