A Big Boost for Rainaskot

There are a couple of big updates on the current funding status of the rebuilding in Lamjung.

First of all, the fundraiser held in Racine, WI at the end of July raised nearly $5000 for the project. Co-founder Natasha Wozniak's hometown showed great support and compassion for the people of Nepal and her connection to them.

Shortly after, through Nepali-American Sharda Thapa of Chicago, a community of Nepalis living in Jacksonville, Florida decided to commit to the project in a big way. They had raised significant funds in Jacksonville after the earthquake and decided to send $13,000 for the project! 

Additionally, all of the paperwork that is required by the government has been filed with all of the proper stamps and signatures, which is worth celebrating in itself, as the process is quite complicated with many potential snags along the way.

FInally, a picture from the ground. These are the supplies that are being loaded and taken to the village right now, as the architect plans are being finalized and the villagers complete the process of clearing the remains of their damaged homes.