Fund for Lamjung is becoming Sangsangai

After a year and half of growth, learning, and hard work, we are excited to announce big changes in our organization. 

As you may know, the project began from nearly nothing, as an effort to help earthquake victims with relief supplies. Once the decision was made to rebuild the village of Rainaskot, non-profit sponsors were arranged in the US and Nepal, the project name Fund for Lamjung was chosen, and we were off and running.

Now that we are getting ready to complete Rainaskot, with plans to works for other villages in the districts of Gorkha and Kavre, we have formed an independent non-profit dedicated to the mission of rebuilding and economic development in Nepal. Our new name is:


The word means "together" in Nepali. It perfectly represents the coalitions and connections that have grown through the work in Rainaskot, a web of people and relationships that bridges the gap between the US and Nepal. 

At the office in Kathmandu with the Nepali board members and volunteers.

At the office in Kathmandu with the Nepali board members and volunteers.

Our organization will use the Sangsangai name both in the US and Nepal. The Nepali organization was begun by a group of students from St. Xavier's College in Kathmandu six years ago, with Bibek Kumar Pandit as an original founder, and he will now be the executive director. The Nepali board consists of a group of young professionals with the main office in Kathmandu. The US organization will be headed the team of Natasha Wozniak as president, along with board members Sharda Thapa as treasurer and Carol Stimmel as secretary. 

Donation checks should now be made out to: 
c/o Natasha Wozniak
30 Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

We are expecting our final paperwork for tax exemption to be complete in mid-December but all donations made prior to that will still be eligible for a tax deduction.

Finishing Rainaskot

Now that we have raised $105,000, with another $10,000 in pledges, we are in the home stretch to finish the funding of Rainsakot. $35,000 left to go! Our goal is to complete construction in time for the New Year celebration in Rainaskot, on January 1st, which is called Losar. 

On November 17th, we will be launching a campaign to raise all of the remaining funds in just one month! As a friend and supporter of our cause, we need your help. We will be using the crowdfunding platform called Generosity, and your help in spreading word and building momentum will be key in reaching our goal, and beyond.

If you are in NYC, please join us for a party to start this off, sponsored by the Juke Bar in the East Village. It will be happy hour, and there is no ticket required. In addition to donations that we collect, they will be giving 10% of their sales that night to our cause! We will be announcing special guests as we get closer to the event.

If you are not in NYC, we would like to have you join us by hosting a gathering in your town. We will provide you will a full array of materials ideas to share with your friends and family, and we will live stream the event in New York so that you can be part of the festivities from wherever you are. 

Reply to this email to get in touch and let us know if you would like to join us.

Updates from Rainaskot

Festival season in Nepal has been in full swing, with the festivals of Dashain and Tihar happening throughout October and November. Dashain is the biggest time of the year for families to gather together, and people travel great distances to their ancestral homes. This is the time in Rainaskot when relatives living in Kathmandu, other parts of Nepal, or even overseas, return home.  

Bittikumari and Jeet Bahadur Gurung

Bittikumari and Jeet Bahadur Gurung

We are very proud to say that some families in Rainaskot were able to celebrate this Dashain in their new homes. In the video about Bittikumari and Jeet Bahadur Gurung, shot during Dashain last year, Jeet Bahadur expressed his frustration that he has not spent a night in his own house since the earthquake of April 25th.(click here to see the video) Bittikumari has had to cook in what used to be a cowshed. We are so pleased to share with you the news that they celebrated the recent festival in their own home. 

We share with you the pride and joy of what we have done together, Sangsangai, as we say in Nepali, .

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