A Challenge for You


Back in July , I received an email about a woman named Chris Griffin from Chicago. She was about to head to Nepal and was seeking a place where her service as a volunteer could be used. The story was, she had a life-altering experience when she found herself in a crush of people fleeing a hotel during the Nepal earthquake on April 25th, 2015, and she resolved to go back there as soon as possible to help. Though she flew back to Chicago shortly after the earthquake, her heart remained with the people in Nepal.

Bibek agreed to bring her to Rainaskot so she could help and see for herself the project that we had begun. At that point, the first few houses were being demolished and the road was being cleared to bring our first load of supplies for rebuilding. She experienced first hand the life of villagers as they planted crops while simultaneously dealing with the challenges brought about by the earthquake and reconstruction.

Chris with Bhim Kumari earlier this year.

Her bond with her host family, headed up by Bhim Kumari Gurung has stayed to this day. In an extraordinary act of generosity, she would like to pledge the funds for the house of her host family.

We decided to use her donation as a challenge and inspiration to all the supporters of Fund for Lamjung. Can we match her $6000 donation? We are going to be running her matching fund challenge until January 15th. All amounts are welcome to to help us reach this goal and we will keep you updated as the campaign progresses.

Here is how to help:
-Forward this update with a personal note about why you support the project
-Share the link on social media. We have Instagram and Facebook accounts with shareable photos and text.
-Give a donation as a gift
-Send another contribution of your own
- Ask others to donate as a gift to you.
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We have chosen Bimala Bhujel's house as the house that the challenge will fund. Her house is a priority for us as she was without a permanent home before the earthquake, and as you can see in the video below, she is overdue for a safe and comfortable place to live with her daughter. When you get to the end of the video, you will also see that Bimala has a great spirit and sense of humor despite her hardships.

As always, many thanks for your support of this work. Together we can change the world, one life at time.

US Director of Fund for Lamjung